Software and e-commerce development

Our Company

Thank you for visiting our site. Our company provides the following services:

- Bespoke software development
- Advice on software development best practice
- Business analysis, as a precursor to project initiation
- Supply, installation and maintenance of computer systems and software

We specialise in development for the Microsoft platforms. We have performed work for Scottish Southern Energy, Ericsson, Schlumberger, Omron, Sony, Motorola,  Airbus Industries, Smiths Aerospace and many others.

Our highly skilled and qualified personnel have many years experience in these areas. Our aim is make your IT system, whether it is off the shelf or bespoke, a solution to your business needs, not a problem in itself. 

You can contact us via our e-mail address: enquiries [ @ ] 

(sorry for the odd representation of the email address, but we really dislike spam!)